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Contractor equipment is not only expensive but essential for daily operations. From heavy equipment like bulldozers to smaller power tools, protecting these assets with Contractor's Equipment Insurance could mean the difference in keeping your business running or shutting down production.

What Is Contractor's Equipment Insurance?

While most Commercial Property policies cover a business's personal property, they exclude property that moves from job site to job site. This can leave you open to significant loss if your contracting equipment gets damaged or goes missing. Additionally, your mobile equipment, such as forklifts, cranes, diggers, etc., are typically excluded from your Commercial Auto policy.

A Contractor's Equipment Insurance policy covers the direct physical damage or loss of mobile machinery and equipment. Providing the necessary protection against perils such as fire, flood, theft, and vandalism, these policies also cover equipment when in transit from location to location. Often, Contractor's Equipment policies also include equipment that is not only owned, but rented, leased, or borrowed.

Contractor's Equipment Insurance

Special Limits Or Restrictions For Contractor’s Equipment Insurance In Florida

Coverage can be purchased for a wide array of equipment types and scenarios:

  • Proper Limits Scheduled for Each Piece of Equipment

  • Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Coverage for Equipment You Lease to Others

  • Coverage for Equipment You Lease or Rent from Others

  • Rental Expenses Coverage When Damaged Equipment Is No Longer Usable

  • Income Loss

Your Next Steps Towards Protecting Your Business

Businesses from Dunnellon, FL and the surrounding areas have specific insurance needs depending on their operation and the assets they need to protect. Contractor's Equipment Insurance can be written to those specifications to ensure your business is properly covered.

For A Free Quote On Contractor's Equipment Insurance, Contact Bird Insurance Group, LLC

With a Contractor's Equipment policy from Bird Insurance Group, LLC, you will gain enhanced confidence for your business knowing you’re covered against as many eventualities as possible.

If you’re ready to see how much you can save on Contractor's Equipment Insurance for your business, call Bird Insurance Group, LLC today at (352) 489-1992! For a free online insurance quote, fill out our online quote form on our contact page!

Contractor's Equipment Insurance
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