Mobile Home Insurance in Florida

Mobile Home Insurance Protecting Your Share of The American Dream

You’ve worked hard to build a home for yourself and your family, and like any other homeowner, you need to protect your investment with proper home insurance.  

Without having proper mobile home insurance, you are leaving your home and your family at risk. We believe that every mobile home needs comprehensive mobile home insurance from Bird Insurance Group, LLC to truly feel like home. 

Mobile Homes Have Unique Coverage Needs

Mobile homes—especially older ones—involve their own unique set of risks and liabilities.  At Bird Insurance Group, LLC, we’re here to answer all your questions about mobile home insurance and to help you sort through all your coverage options and needs. 


What Does Mobile Home Insurance in Florida Cover?

Like a typical home insurance policy, mobile home insurance can provide comprehensive coverage from a range of perils:

  • Losses from Wind and hail damage

  • Losses due to collapse under the weight of ice or snow

  • Losses caused by stray or wild animals

  • Losses caused by busted pipes

  • Losses due to theft

  • Losses due to vandalism

  • Losses due to explosion

  • Losses due to landslide

  • Losses due to vandalism

  • Losses due to fire

As you can see, there is a significant overlap between the two policy types. However, some perils covered by mobile home insurance aren’t covered by standard home insurance and vice versa.

Mobile Home Liability Insurance

A proper mobile home insurance policy should also include a liability provision. Liability insurance protects you, the homeowner, against lawsuits arising from bodily injury or property damage incurred by others while on your property. If you were sued and judged legally liable for such losses, liability would help pay for:

  • Property damage to the affected person(s)
  • Pain & suffering of the affected individual(s)
  • Lost wages incurred because of the injury
  • Medical bills incurred because of the injury

Mobile Home Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance will reimburse you for the actual cash value of any belongings you lose that are covered by the policy. 

Bird Insurance Group, LLC Is Your Trusted Florida Insurance Agency for Mobile Home Coverage

At Bird Insurance Group, LLC, we feel privileged to partner with clients throughout the Sunshine State. We work hard to exceed client expectations, and we’re devoted to being a dependable resource for each policyholder filing claim. When you need us most, we’ll be there to help every step of the way. This is our promise to every policyholder.  


For A Free Florida Classic Car Insurance Quote, Contact Bird Insurance Group, LLC

Do you have questions about classic car insurance? At Bird Insurance Group, LLC, we’ve got the answers you need to make informed coverage decisions! If you’re ready to see how much you could save on classic car insurance anywhere in Florida, call Bird Insurance Group, LLC today at (352) 489-1992! For a free online classic car insurance quote, fill out our online quote form on our contact page! Located in Dunnellon, FL, Bird Insurance Group, LLC services all of Florida, with a primary focus on Citrus, Marion, Levy, and Alachua counties, including the cities of Citrus Springs, Inverness, Ocala, Williston, Inglis, and Hernando.

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